TherapyNotes for Mental Health Professionals


Powerful Patient Notes

Complete your notes quickly and easily with our form-based notes system. Our notes have been uniquely designed for psychology, therapy, counseling, social work, and psychiatry, catering to the specific needs of each profession. Powerful and robust, yet quick and simple to use, notes are the cornerstone of TherapyNotes.

Electronic Medical Records

Go paperless by uploading your patient files into TherapyNotes — from HIPAA agreements and intake forms to insurance cards and more. TherapyNotes supports all computer files including Word or Excel documents or scanned paper documents. Your electronic medical records (EMR) are encrypted and backed up by us, so you have less to worry about. Unlimited storage is included.

Specialty Note Types

Our notes are designed specifically for psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, social workers, and therapists based on exhaustive research to satisfy the requirements of HIPAA, APA, and insurance payers. Form-based note templates are available for treatment plans, progress notes, psychological evaluations, and more, so you can complete and organize your notes in a breeze.

Built for Speedy Note-taking

Save time with searchable ICD-10 diagnosis codes, built-in pull down menus, and checkboxes with commonly entered information. TherapyNotes autofills applicable note fields according to the appointment information and previous notes such as Intake Notes and Treatment Plans. Our notes system works with dictation software Dragon NaturallySpeaking as well as the built-in Mac OS X and iPad dictation software.

Quick History Review

Easily recall information from past notes with our Quick History Review feature. Reference what you documented in previous notes or pull previous information forward into the current note with one click.

Spellcheck With a Robust Mental Health Dictionary

Review individual fields or your entire note with TherapyNotes' built-in spellchecker. Take advantage of the common mental health terms already included in the dictionary, or add your own terms at any time.

Download Notes as a PDF

Download individual or multiple selected notes into a PDF file for your patients for easy printing or faxing. Your practice logo is automatically included on every note.


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