Premium Medical Billing Service

Claim Submission

Medical Billing Professionals will enter your data, transmit your electronic claims and submit your paper claims.

» Medical Billing Professionals will submit your claims for only $2.45 per claim.

» OR prepay to reduce your fee as low as $1.75 per claim with our Annual Prepayment Options:

  • 1000 claims for $2150.00 ($2.15 per claim)
  • 2500 claims for $4375.00 ($1.75 per claim)
  • NOTE:  Under the Annual Prepayment Options, providers must use the number of claims submitted within one year of the date of purchase.
    • For providers who purchase a prepayment option when they first sign up and receive free claims as a promotional special, the one year time period begins to run after the months of free claims.
    • EXAMPLE:  Provider signs up and purchases a 1000 claim prepayment option on June 1st and receives 2 months free.  The one year time period begins to run on August 1st.  Any claims remaining that are not used by the following August 1st are lost as the prepayment option will have ended on July 31st.
    • For providers who purchase a renewal of a prepayment option, the one year time period begins to run the date your office runs out of claims under your current option.  EXAMPLE:  Your office is submitting claims under a 1000 claim prepayment option.  On June 1st you purchase a renwal as you are running out of claims.  Your office submits the last claim under the original prepayment option on June 7th.  The one year time period begins to run on June 7th and thus the claims purchased must be used by the following June 6th or be lost.

Money-Back Guarantee: For information on our money back guarantee on our prepayment specials, click here.

Claim Submission Guarantee: MBP guarantees that your claims will be submitted accurately by the next business day at the latest. For more information on our Claim Submission Guarantee, click here.

  Authorization Tracking:

  • Do you have claims deny because you do not have a valid referral or treatment plan on file?

  • MBP's authorization tracking service will track the number of visits allowed under a treatment plan OR the end date of a referral to ensure you do not treat plans beyond the authorized number of visits or the end date of a referral.

  • On a weekly basis MBP will email you two reports showing you referrals and authorizations about to expire.  See the below examples:

  • Fee:  $29.95 per month

Specialties Served

     Our knowledge and experience with billing for certain specialties helps to maximize reimbursement and decrease claim denials.  Because of this, MBP limits the specialties we serve to the following:

  • Chiropractic
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Pediatrics
  • Behavioral/Mental Health
    • Including, but not limited to, psychiatry, psychology, and Nurse Practitioners and Licensed Clinical Social Workers billing for behavioral/mental health

How to Provide Billing Information to MBP

» The primary way providers submit patient demographics and billing information is by completing our Online Patient Form and Online Billing Form, which can be accessed under the Online Forms tab at the top of this website.

» A second way to provide information is by sending SECURE email. You then can either attach a computerized file or simply in the bottom of the email provide patient and billing information. Because of HIPAA, you cannot send unsecure e-mail with patient demographics and billing information.

» For providers using one of our preferred EMR Rewards Program partners (TherapyNotes, ICANotes, PracticeFusion, ChiroTouch, EZNotes or WebPT), we will obtain all billing information from the EMR program.

» Your office can fax to us any forms you may have. HOWEVER, these forms cannot be handwritten. They must be either typewritten or computer-generated.

Better Service

» NO computer is needed for our Premium Service (except for providers wanting access to our Medisoft Network)

» NO contract to sign (except a Business Associate Agreement per HIPAA regulations)

» Real-time access to your data is available via our Medisoft Network to allow you to run reports, print patient statements and utilize the Office Hours Professional Appointment Scheduler.

*Copies of claims provided to provider or third party at provider's request count as a submitted claim. Minimum fee of $69.95 per month for claim submissions applies for providers under the standard per-claim option.

**Providers must own a licensed copy of Medisoft for access to their data. If you do not own a licensed copy of Medisoft, you can purchase Medisoft Basic for $499 to fulfill licensing requirements.