Money Back Guarantee

For our Premium, PremiumPlus and Platinum providers, MBP offers a money-back guarantee as follows:

  • For providers who purchase a prepayment option and cancel service within 60 days of completing our Getting Started Form, you will receive a full refund of any money paid**.

    • To cancel service with MBP and receive the full refund, providers must send written notice to MBP via email and via fax to 215-243-4571.  This written notice must be received by MBP within 60 days of date your office completes our Getting Started Form.

  • Prepayment Options:

    • For providers who comply with Section 1 above and provide written notice of cancellation to MBP within 60 days of completing our Getting Started Form, you will receive a full refund of the prepayment option purchased, together with a refund of the set-up fee and any other ancillary fees paid by your office*.

    • No refunds or credits of unused prepayment claim purchases are provided for notices provided to MBP more than 60 days after completing of the Getting Started Form. 

      • This includes renewal purchases by existing clients of prepayment options.  If your office purchases a renewal of a prepayment option and then cancels service with MBP, no refunds or credits are provided for unused claims (subject to paragraph 1 above).

**For providers who have purchased a prepayment option, any claims submitted with dates of service more than one month old from the date of completing the Getting Started Form are not eligible for the money back guarantee.  Providers who cancel will be charged the standard per claim rate for claims more than one month old when calculating the refund.  Provider is also responsible for any ancillary services, such as the Online Rejection Reports and the Eligibility/Verificatoin Service.  Refunds will be issued within 30 days of the receipt of notice of cancellation.  Money Back Guarantee only applies to providers who purchase an Annual Prepayment Option within the first 60 days of completing the Getting Started Form.  The guarantee does not apply to providers submitting under the standard per-claim rate.