Insurance Verification Service

To minimize rejections, it is important to verify a patient's eligibility prior to seeing the patient.  MBP is pleased to offer an Insurance Verification Service.
  • We will call the insurance payer to ensure the patient is eligible with the payer.

  • We will obtain patient copayment and deductible information

  • We will ask if a referral or treatment plan approval is required.

  • We will ask if claims go to a third party payer (like American Specialty Health Network). 

  • Providers may request the verification service in a few ways:

    • For new patients when you complete our Online Patient Form indicate in the Additional Information Section of the form that insurance verification is requested

    • For existing patients who change insurance coverage, submit a ticket in our secure Support Suite with the new insurance information and in the ticket request insurance verification is requested.

    • For existing patients who do not change insurance, simply send us an email requesting insurance verification

    • It will be necessary for your office to provide us a scanned PDF copy of the front and back of the patient's insurance card.  If your office requires verification prior to the patient coming to the office and you do not have a copy of the patient's card, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to verify coverage.  However, when submitting a patient form for the new patient, in the Additional Information section indicate:  "Verify ASAP.  Card N/A."    That will advise us you are unable to provide a copy of the card and want us to attempt verification.

  • For providers using TherapyNotes, you may enter new patients in TherapyNotes when the patients call to schedule appointments.  Then just send us an email asking us to verify coverage; just list the patient's name in the body of the email (example:  Verify for John Smith).

  • We then will SECURELY email you by the next business day at the latest the results of the verification ( click here to see a sample form).

  • Fee

    • Free for providers enrolled in the Platinum Service*.   Insurance verification is automatically included for new patients as part of the Platinum Service.

      • For Platinum Service providers who require verification upon existing patients or who exceed 40 verifications per month, the fee for the additional verifications is $7.95 per request.

    • Premium and PremiumPlus Providers:  $7.95 per verification request

 *Limit of 40 verifications per billing month.  Any verifications done in excess of 40 per billing month are charged $7.95 per verification.  

**Service available to Premium, PremiumPlus and Platinum Service providers only.