Frequently Asked Questions

Why You Should Choose MBPros As Your Billing Service

      When speaking with a billing service there are some important questions that you should ask in determining if that billing service is right for you.  Below are some questions with answers from us

How long have you been in business?

  • We have been serving providers nationwide since 1995

I have a small practice and submit only 15-20 claims per week.  Don't I have too small of a practice for you?

  • NO!  Most of our clients submit between 5-50 claims per week.  We enjoy most helping small practitioners as each dollar on a claim matters to the providers.  Of course, we welcome larger practices also but our focus has always been on the smaller practices and improving their financial health.

What are MBP's fees?

Do I have to sign a contract?

  • NO. MBP does not require that providers sign a contract with us. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our services and want to continue using our services. The only exception to a signed contact is that providers per HIPAA regulations must sign a Business Associate Agreement. HOWEVER, you do NOT have to sign any contract requiring you to use our services for any length of time like some other billing services require.

Does MBP charge any set-up fees?

  • There is an initial set-up fee of $99.95 that must be paid prior to MBP setting a provider up on our system or enrolling the provider for electronic claims.  View the Fees page on our website for all fees, including set-up fees for each level of service.

 Do I have to submit a minimum number of claims to MBP?

  • NO. Whether you submit one claim per week of 1000 claims per week, MBP can handle your billing needs. MBP welcomes small practices; do not feel that your practice is too small for a billing service.
  • However, there is a minimum fee for claim submissions for providers submitting under the standard per-claim fee (rather than prepayment options).
    • For Premium Service, the minimum fee for claim submissions is $69.95 per month.
    • For PremiumPlus Service, the minimum fee for claim submissions is $99.95 per month.

I want a billing service that knows my specialty.  Can you help me?

  • We focus our billing service on the following specialties:

    • Behavioral/Mental Health

    • Chiropractic

    • Physical and Occupational Therapy

    • Family Practice

    • Pediatrics

    • Geriatrics

  • By specializing in billing only certain specialties we can more easily catch any mistakes providers may make when it comes to coding.  We welcome inquiries from other specialties but our focus has always been on the above specialties.

How long of a contact do I have to sign with MBPros?

  • We do not make you sign a contract for any period of time.  Unlike many billing services that require contracts for a year or longer, we are month-to-month.  If you cancel any time during the billing month, you are only subject to the charges for that billing month.

With my last billing service I seemed to have a different contact person at the billing service every week.  How is MBPros different?

  • We are a small billing service handling over 100 practices nationwide but we provide an individual, personalized touch.  You almost always will deal with the owner, Steve, who will be primarily responsible for entering your charges and payments.

My last billing service took forever to respond to questions from me.  Why should I trust MBPros to be any different?

  • Most of our communications with our clients is via email.  We respond VERY quickly to any questions/concerns that are submitted to us via email.  In fact, even though we are on the East Coast, we have many clients on the West Coast who are amazed when they submit questions during off hours and yet receive prompt responses from us.  You can verify this by contacting some of the References on our website.

I was told that I should use a billing service that charges a percentage of the amount paid by insurance as the billing service would have an incentive to get my claims paid.  Why should I choose MBPros and the per-claim pricing model?

  • From having done billing since 1995 we can safely say that for most specialties 95-97% of claims are processed correctly within 30 days of submission (for behavioral health the percentage is closer to 98-99% of claims).

  • It is our goal to submit claims accurately and promptly (by the next business day at the latest).  Prompt and accurate submissions reduce the number of claims that require follow-up work.

  • Furthermore, our incentive is simple.  If claims would deny and not be processed due to errors on our end, you would stop using us.  However, if we do our job and submit the claims promptly and accurately AND we promptly notify you of any problems/issues with claims, it maximizes your revenue and you will be happy with our services.

  • Finally, generally you OVERPAY when using a billing service on a percentage basis, depending upon the average dollar amount of reimbursement per claim.  For many of our clients who receive reimbursements that average $60-$100 per visit, you can pay $4.20-$8.00 per visit (assuming a percentage of 7-8% paid by the other service).  In addition, with MBPros you may be able to bill more than 1 patient visit on a claim (for example, you see John Smith twice during the week).  If so, that reduces your per-visit charges for claim submission.

My last billing service took weeks to submit billing that I sent to them.  How is MBPros different?

  • We guarantee that claims will be submitted by the next business day at the latest, assuming we have received your billing by 5:00 PM ET.

  • There are some exceptions to this (for example, when the office is closed for vacation or at times claims are submitted by the 2nd business day at the latest when we are out of town exhibiting at a conference).

  • Most of the time if billing is received by us in the morning, the claims are submitted the same day and, if not, then by the next business day.

  • Immediately after we submit the claims we email you password-protected a detailed Claim Submission Report which will show the claims were submitted timely and accurately.

Do I need special software for you to do our billing?

  • NO. Whether you already have Practice Management Software or if you are not computerized at all, MBP can handle your billing. NO COMPUTER IS NEEDED (except for Basic Service providers).

How does my office provide you the information for billing?

  • There are several ways providers can provide us the necessary information:
    • The primary way providers submit patient demographics and billing information is by completing our Online Patient Form and Online Billing Form , which can be accessed under the Online Forms tab at the top of this website..
    • If your office is computerized, you can probably generate a file of claims (as if you were going to print CMS 1500 forms) or a transaction report. You can send us that file or report by attaching it to a secure, encrypted e-mail you send to us at or by attaching it to a ticket in our secure Support Suite.
    • For providers using one of our EMR Preferred Partners, MBP will obtain all required billing from the EMR program.  For example, MBP will log into your EMR program (TherapyNotes, WebPT, ICANotes, ChiroTouch, EZNotes or PracticeFusion) and run a weekly report showing all patients with the diagnosis codes and procedure codes the provider selected at the time of the visit.
    • Your office can fax to us any forms you may have, whether computer generated or paper forms. HOWEVER, these forms CANNOT be handwritten. They must either be typewritten forms or computer generated.
    • Your office can mail us the necessary forms as long as the forms are NOT handwritten.

Who receives the payments?

  • Your office will receive the payments directly. The time frame for when you receive the payments depends upon whether the claims are submitted electronically or on paper. For electronically received claims, some payments are received by providers within as little as 4 days of submission. For Medicare claims, providers generally receive payments 17 days after submission. As a general rule, electronic claims are paid in the 7-17 day time period.

Does your fee include follow-up of the claims?

  • Yes and No, BUT...
    • For our Platinum Service providers, follow-up of claims is included in the per-claim fee.  We will follow up on all claims that deny in error on EOBs AND also on claims that remain open at least 30 days after submission.
    • For our PremiumPlus providers only 1-5% of claims require follow-up (for some specialties like behavioral health only 1% of claims require follow-up). 
    • For providers enrolled in the PremiumPlus Service you will be following up on claims yourself.  HOWEVER, MBPros will notify you when claims deny in error on EOBs.  In addition, on a monthly basis we will provide you a Primary Insurance Aging Report so you can see what claims remain open at least 30 days after submission.
    • COST ANALYSIS AVAILABLE:  Using a billing service charging a percentage now?  You will SAVE with MBPros compared to a billing service charging a percentage of the amount paid.  Ask for a cost analysis so you can determine how much you would save by switching to MBPros.

Do you have any references we can contact?

  • MBP encourages you to contact some of our references. To see a complete list of references, click here. To see written testimonials from a number of our clients, click here.

Does MBP provide us any reports after the claims are submitted?

  • After claims are submitted, MBP will provide you via secure e-mail a detailed report of all claims submitted.
  • To see a sample Claim Submission Report, click here .

How do I get started with MBP?

  • To get started, go to the Getting Started page on this website. Complete the form AND complete the Business Associate Agreement.
  • We will then send an invoice via email and fax for the set-up fee of $99.95. Providers will be able to pay this invoice online with a credit card securely or you can mail us a check.
  • Once payment for the set-up fee has been received, we can submit claims immediately for all payers EXCEPT for those requiring signed agreements (like Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare and Medicaid). Approval time for payers requiring signed agreements is approximately 2-4 weeks.