Insurance Credentialing Service

Are you stressing out over getting credentialed with insurance payers?  Are you having difficult determining what is required to be paneled?  Let our credentialing partner take away your stress by managing your credentialing process.

  • Choose which insurance payers you want to be credentialed with

  • Provide the necessary documentation

  • Our trusted partner will create or update your CAQH, complete any required applications, follow up on those applications and resolve any problems

  • After providing our partner with your documentation you can sit back and relax.  Our partner will be in constant communication with you regarding the status of your credentialing.

  • You will receive a phone call at least once a month from our partner with status updates.

  • In addition you will have a login to our partner's portal where you can view every action and every communication taken on your behalf with the payer during the credentialing process.

  • Cost is only $249 per payer (3 panel minimum; Medicare and Medicaid fees are slightly higher)

  • Once you are credentialed with a payer, Medical Billing Professionals can help you with your insurance billing.

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