Smart Practitioner for Mental Health Professionals

Helping You So You Can Help Others

  • Smart Practitioner is a premier career services web site tailored specifically for Mental Health Professionals.

  • Medical Billing Professionals is proud to partner with Smart Practitioner to offer premium services, up-to-date information and access to exclusive discounts to unique products with the sole purpose to support mental health practitioners thru all phases of their career, whether it be in school, internship, licensure, early career or established practice.

  • Smart Practitioner is here to be a partner in navigating your career journey.

  • One of the biggest fears for therapists in opening a private practice is billing insurance.  Medical Billing Professionals has been helping behavioral health providers nationwide since 1997 with the lowest fees in the industry.  We are here to help ease your fears of billing insurance and allow you to have a successful private practice.


    • Register for our PremiumPlus Service or Platinum Service and receive the following discounts:

    • Save 20% off any PremiumPlus or Platinum Service prepayment purchase made at the time of signing up with us

      • With our prepayment rates you can buy a bulk number of claims in advance and save off our standard fee. 

      • Pay as low as $1.64 per claim with a 2500 claim PremiumPlus Service prepayment purchase.

      • Pay as low as $2.95 per claim with a 1000 claim Platinum Service prepayment purchase.

    • Or choose our standard rate for our PremiumPlus or Platinum Service and save 10% for the first four months.  Our standard rate is only $2.79 per claim for the PremiumPlus Service and $3.95 per claim for the Platinum Service, but you will save 10% for the first four months.

    • For Smart Practitioner Providers only we offer the following exclusive discounts:

      • We will WAIVE our one time set-up fee of $99.95.

      • For providers who choose the standard rate our minimum fee is $99.95 per month for the PremiumPlus Service and $199.95 per month for the Platinum Service BUT we will WAIVE the minimum monthly fee for the first four months.

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