EMR Rewards Program

     Clients of Medical Billing Professionals who use one of our preferred EMR partners can save on their EMR purchase with our EMR Rewards Program.  With our EMR Rewards Program you will receive a credit on your account with us which which will cover some or all of your fees for the EMR program.  Simply use one of our EMR Preferred Partners* and you will save 10% each month on your invoice with Medical Billing Professionals. 

Preferred Partners

  • WebPT is a web-based EMR program for physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and chiropractors.
  • Pricing is only $49.00 per month
  • For more information about WebPT, visit:  WebPT EMR Overview


  • TherapyNotes is a web-based EMR program for psychologists and other behavioral health providers
  • Pricing is only $59.00 per month per provider
  • For more information about TherapyNotes, visit:  www.therapynotes.com
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  • PracticeFusion is a free web-based EHR program that includes intuitive charting, e-Prescribing and tools to streamline your front office
  • For more information about PracticeFusion, visit:  www.practicefusion.com
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  • ICANotes is a web-based EMR program for psychiatrists, psychologists and other behavioral health providers
  • Pricing is only $149.00 per month
  • For more information about ICANotes, visit:  www.icanotes.com

How It Works

  • Over 55,000 physical therapists and chiropractors nationwide use WebPT. Use WebPT with MBPros' experienced billing service and improve your reimbursements while reducing your expenses.

  • Thousands of behavioral health professionals are using ICANotes and TherapyNotes.

  • Over 100,000 practices are using PracticeFusion.

  • For WebPT, PracticeFusion, TherapyNotes and ICANotes, on a weekly basis MBP will log into your EMR program and generate a billing report of all patient visits during the week.  MBP will promptly enter and submit the billing for the week based upon this report.

    • NOTE:  For larger practices that require daily claim submissions, we can do that.  However, you will not qualify for the EMR Rewards Program which is only available if billing is done on a weekly basis.

  • For any auto and work comp claims MBP will attach reports generated from the EMR program to the claims.

  • Providers must provide MBP access to their online account...whether provider chooses to purchase a clerical license from WebPT and ICANotes for MBP to use or if provider wants to share his/her login.   Providers may set up free billing logins with PracticeFusion and TherapyNotes for MBPros.

  • Providers MUST chart and code patient visits AT THE TIME OF THE VISIT in the EMR program to qualify for the EMR Rewards Credit.

    • NOTE:  Some providers chart a patient's visit in an EMR program days or weeks after the visit.  Because MBP obtains billing information on a weekly basis in the EMR program, it is impossible for MBP to accurately submit all billing if a provider fails to chart a patient's visit at the time of the visit.  Providers who fail to chart all patient visits at the time of the visit will be disqualified from the EMR Rewards Program.

    • NOTE:  For TherapyNotes and PracticeFusion, the above does not apply.  Whenever you do chart a visit, it then appears available to us on the list of superbills in PracticeFusion or list of External Items in TherapyNotes.  Thus, if we do your billing on a Saturday for the week and you did not chart a patient in TherapyNotes or PracticeFusion on a Friday, you do not have to worry.  When you do chart that visit, the charges will be available to us the following week when we do your billing.



    • During the first six months, you will receive a non-refundable credit of 10% of the amount of your monthly invoice with a minimum credit of $59 per month, equal to the fee TherapyNotes charges and more than what WebPT charges for its Standard service.

    • After the first six months, you will receive a credit of 10% of the amount of your monthly invoice (minimum credit does not apply after the first six months).

      • Example:  Your monthly invoice is $750.00.  You will receive a separate credit memo for $75.00 which can be used against future monthly invoices.

      • For providers submitting under the prepayment option, you will receive a credit equal to 10% of the prepayment option rate you purchased times the number of claims  submitted during the month

        • Example:  You purchased 1000 claims for $2350.00 ($2.35 per claim).  During September you submitted 400 claims.  You will receive a credit of $94.00 (400 x $.235).

  • Depending upon the size of your practice, the amount of the credit may equal or exceed the price of the EMR program!

***Providers are responsible for payment to WebPT and to ICANotes of their start-up fee and the fee for any optional services you choose (such as the Front Office Package and the Home Exercise Program Package with WebPT).  Providers are responsible for payment to TherapyNotes for the per claim fee TherapyNotes charges for electronic claims and ERAs (14 cents per electronic claim and 14 cents per ERA) if you want us submitting the billing through TherapyNotes.  HOWEVER, most TherapyNotes users have us enter and submit charges in our Medisoft which will ensure accuracy AND then you do not have the charges from TherapyNotes for electronic claims or ERAs.