Medisoft Network Basic Service

     After you enter all your data in our Medisoft system, Medical Billing Professionals will transmit your electronic claims and submit your paper claims. Access to the Medisoft Network is available via Remote Desktop Web Connection at

     Pay only 47 cents per electronic claim for participating payers*. MBP can also submit your paper claims for only 55 cents per claim and attach any backup documentation you provide*.

For access to our Network, you must own a licensed copy of Medisoft and provide Medical Billing Professionals with your Medisoft serial number.

  • If you do not own a licensed copy of Medisoft, you can purchase Medisoft Basic for only $499 as a requirement for accessing our network.
  • If you require more than one person accessing the system at the same time, you may purchase additional user licenses for $159.95 each.
  • Supplemental User Network Access Fee (for each user after the first user in a practice): $4.95 per month per additional user.

Office Hours Professional Appointment Scheduler is available as part of the Medisoft Network. Office Hours Professional features proficient appointment scheduling, as well as powerful management features like wait lists, templates, multiple views and management reports.

Medisoft Reports Professional: As part of the Medisoft Network, MBP offers more than 200 specialty reports to provide you the necessary financial reports for your practice. To see samples of some of the reports, visit the Downloads section of our Support Suite at

Claim Scrubbing: When your claims are correct the first time they are sent, you get paid faster. To help you get paid faster and with maximum reimbursement, MBP offers 2 claim scrubbing options:

  • HIPAA Edits: For only $7.95 per month, the program will check to ensure that certain HIPAA required fields (such as birth date and relationship to insured) are properly populated. For claims with errors, you will receive a report of these claims so you can correct them prior to submission. This reduces the number of denied claims, allows you to get paid faster and allows for more reimbursement.

*For providers with our Basic Service Option, the minimum fee for claim submissions is $79.95 per month.