Medisoft Network

Access Your Data and Run Reports 24 Hours/Day

Medical Billing Professionals offers our Medisoft Network system whereby providers can connect directly to our server from any computer with Internet access via Remote Desktop Connection at for real-time access to your data.

You would also be able to run and print reports* and Patient Statements*.

You DO need an Internet connection to be able to access our Network Terminal Server via Remote Desktop Connection at It is HIGHLY recommended that you have a Broadband Internet Connection (like Cable Modem or DSL).

MBP will submit your claims electronically (42 cents per electronic claim to participating payers, 55 cents per electronic claim for non-participating payers, 55 cents per paper claim)**.

Providers who choose our Premium Service Option can also benefit by having MBP enter all your data and submit your claims. NOTE: Premium Service providers do NOT need to have a computer or purchase Medisoft software in order to use MBP's services.

For access to our Network, you must own a licensed copy of Medisoft and provide Medical Billing Professionals with your Medisoft serial number.

» If you do not own a licensed copy of Medisoft, you can purchase Medisoft Basic for only $499.95 as a requirement for accessing our Network.

» If you require more than one person accessing the system at the same time, you may purchase additional user licenses for $159.95 each.

Network Features

» Access your data and run reports 24 hours/day from any computer with Internet access.

» Encoder Pro Coding Software, which works directly within Medisoft, is included for no additional charge.

  • Throw away your coding books. Encoder Pro is a coding tool that replaces the 4 or 5 coding books sitting on your shelf.
  • Encoder Pro cross references CPT-4, ICD-9 and HCPCS, making it easy for you to choose the correct codes, improving accuracy and reimbursement.
  • Encoder Pro includes lay descriptions, HCPCS annotations, and ICD-9 section notes that improve code selection, and ensure you use complete, non-truncated, valid diagnosis codes.

» Reports

  • Have access to over 200 specialty reports, most of which are not normally available in Medisoft.

» Office Hours Professional Appointment Scheduler

  • Quickly make, copy or change appointments
  • Instantly search all providers for the next available time slot
  • Add patients to an appointment wait list
  • Track the status of appointments

» Backup

  • Continuous 24 x 7 offsite backup of your data is provided through
  • Daily offsite backups of your data are maintained.
  • MBP can provide you a copy of your data file as requested on a CD-ROM for only $99.95 per request.

» Secure

  • The system provides 128-bit secure encryption of your data.
  • Dual logins and passwords to your data ensure that only you and those you authorize with your logins and passwords have access to your data.

» Support

  • For providers who access their data on our Medisoft Network System, MBP offers free Medisoft Network KnowledgeBase support (through during your first month.
  • After your first month, you will have the following support options:
    • Unlimited Monthly Support for $24.95 per month
    • Per Incident Support for $49.95 per incident