MD Collect


  MD Collect allows your practice to quickly and easily choose which communication to include in your patient collection efforts. 

     * Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Phone Calls     * Phone and Online Payment Options

* Written Notices from Your Practice     * Collection Agency Letters     * Collection Agency Calls

Sample Letters

     To see sample collection letters, click here.

Fees and How It Works

  • Your practice decides how you want to be billed:

    • $7.50 per account (charges are grouped together by guarantor at time of transfer so it's $7.50 for the whole group, not per each charge).

    • 15% contingency fee

  • Every night the MDC Utility queries your Medisoft dataset based on crieria your practice sets, and the Utility flags qualified charges to come to MDC.

  • Charges that come to MDC begin getting calls and letters, both FIRST PARTY and THIRTY PARTY.

    • At the time of registration, the practice decides what "Collection Routine" they want.

  • At the end of every month MDC invoices the practice.

  • Which pricing structure is best for your practice?  Check out MD Collect's Practice Revenue Optimizer at: .